Together Time

Ages 15 Months - 3 Years
45 Minutes with Parent/Caregiver
Musikgarten: Family Music for Toddlers

Sing, move, rock, bounce, dance, play instruments, and move with hoops or scarves -- never a dull moment in a toddler class! We'll make music with joy and purpose! Your kid will ask everyday if today is "music day"!

Toddler Classes will be held in Ballard at 1423 NW 70th St. and taught by Clarice Alfonso.
Click here for class info at Joyful Music Seattle.


Little Musician (LM)

Ages 3 - 5 Years (3 by Sep 1)
45-Minutes, Last 15 Minutes with Adult
Musikgarten: Cycle of Seasons

Your child's love of nature comes to life in this class with musical drama, singing, dance, and beat-work. We will strengthen critical listening, increase coordination on instruments, and echo tonal and rhythm patterns.

2018/19 Times: Mon 1:30, Fri 10:00; will offer Tue 10:00 with sufficient enrollment
2018/19 31-Week School Year Tuition: $59/month plus materials
Materials: $39 "Wind Dancers" Set in the Fall, $39 "Sun Catchers" Set in January

See CALENDAR for Term dates and days off


Young Musician (YM)

Year One: Ages 4 1/2 - 6 Years
Year Two: Ages 5 1/2 - 7 Years
60 Minutes, Last 10 Minutes with Adult
Full School Year Program

Musikgarten's Music Makers "At Home in the World" and "Around the World" -- a two-year sequence for building music literacy, symbolic thinking, concentration, discipline, and self-expression. Every class includes singing, literacy games, and ensemble. And kids love the movement games! The materials set includes a glockenspiel, a perfect first instrument.
Year One themes explore 5 nature habitats: Home Place, Woodlands, Marsh, Meadow, Seashore.
Year Two themes explore 2 world cultures: British Isles and Germany.
Young Musician is a pre-requisite for the piano program.

Year One: Tuesday 4:40(full), Thursday 2:00, Friday 8:30 a.m.
Tuition 22 weeks remaining in School Year: approx $66/month plus materials
Materials: $160 for the year

Year Two: Thursday 4:30(full)
Tuition for 31-Week School Year: $651
Materials: $76 for the year ($36 sibling; $136 new to YM)


Piano Class (KB)

For Graduates of Young Musician
55 Minutes
Musikgarten: Music Makers at the Keyboard
A piano lesson like no other! After this course, any music instrument is a breeze to learn.

Year One: Monday 4:30, Tuesday 3:35, 5:45, Wednesday 3:30, Thursday 3:30
Tuition for 31-Week School Year: $930
Materials: $120 for the year ($60 sibling)

Year Two: Monday 3:30; Wednesday 2:30, 4:30; Thursday 5:35(full)
Tuition for 31-Week School Year: $930
Materials: $65 for the year ($34 sibling)