1May I preview a class?
No for Together Time, Yes for Little Musician. Together Time is proven, beloved, and in high demand. Little Musician is also beloved, but because the child comes without adult the first 30 minutes, a preview is allowed to determine if the child is ready. Please register fully online and mention "preview" in the notes field-- your card won't be charged unless you give the go-ahead after the preview class.
2Is there a discount for siblings?
Yes, there is a 10% discount on tuition for all children in the same family. 20% discount for twins!
3Are there installment plans for payment?
Yes, you'll see them on the registration form.
4Can I start a term late?
Yes, for Together Time, and Little Musician. Call or email about older ages. Tuition (not materials) will be prorated if a family joins a class after the term has started. Feel free to register; only the prorated amount will be charged.
5Can siblings attend?
Yes, younger siblings are OK in Together Time until crawling age. Older siblings are OK in Together Time only in rare once-in-a-while circumstances like a school holiday. No siblings in Baby Time. Siblings of any age are OK in Little Musician and Young Musician during the parent participation time.
6Is there a maximum class size?
7Are scholarships offered?
Yes, in varying amounts, for tuition, not materials, only if Musikgarten is the only activity the child is enrolled in, and only if a school-age child is enrolled in public school, not private.
8Are make-ups allowed?
Yes. Please email for the available times. Make-ups may be carried over into the next Term only if you are enrolled in the next Term.
9Are withdrawals refunded?
Yes, with advance notice before the Term has started. There is a $50 fee if the Term has started.
10What is the Snow Policy?
If Seattle public schools operate on a "Late Start" schedule, we DO have class, including morning classes. If Seattle schools cancel all day, morning classes here are cancelled, but afternoon classes are on a wait-and-see status.
11How can I learn more?
Call, visit, or email Nancy.